GUERLAIN Super Aqua Emulsion – Light 50ml


Replenish your skin’s hydration with the GUERLAIN Super Aqua Emulsion Light, an anti-ageing moisturiser suitable for all skin types – including sensitive – that hydrates and preserves youth.

A reinvented formula of their classic cream, the Super Aqua Emulsion is a lightweight daily face cream that intensely hydrates skin and protects against visible signs of ageing. The complexion is immediately and continuously hydrated, smoothing and energising the skin to provide a boost of freshness with enhanced skin quality. The natural pH levels are respected and balanced.

Formulted with 97% naturally derived ingredients, the moisturising cream promotes the flow of water to the skin with GUERLAIN’s exclusive Aquacomplex Advanced Technology. Moisture is retained in skin and dehydration is inhibited, while the ecosystem is strengthened thanks to prebiotics and probiotic derivatives found in the Aquabiotic System. The moisturiser has both protective and preventive abilities to restore the complexion to a state of glowing and healthy radiance.

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