Polio (Poliomyelitis) may be a probably grave acute infection. it’s a extremely communicable disease which can cause permanent nerve injury, resulting in palsy of limbs and metabolic process muscles. acute anterior poliomyelitis has been for the most part done in over the last century, however it still poses a threat in sure areas of the globe and is especially dangerous to kids.

Countries in danger

Polio is widespread throughout Central Africa and is additionally gift in sure areas of Asia. the sole 3 countries that stay polio-endemic square measure African nation, Islamic State of Afghanistan and West Pakistan.

Travel precautions

Poor sanitation may be a vast think about the unfold of the illness, that is very contagious and is unfold by ingesting contaminated food and water. whereas you’re movement, solely drink water from a sealed bottle, or from sources that are treated by filtration, tablets or boiling. Avoid ice from unknown water sources. Avoid raw food and solely eat fruit that you simply will peel. make sure that hot food is freshly lyonnaise and served hot. Use sense regarding personal hygiene and hand laundry.

Signs and symptoms

Polio is very infectious, however symptoms don’t generally seem for up to twenty days. Early symptoms embrace fever, headaches, vomiting, fatigue, chest pains, and stiffness within the neck. In rare cases (1 in 200), the sufferer will be for good paralysed, sometimes within the legs. Among these rare cases, 5-10% will be killed once their respiratory muscles become immobilised.


There is no cure for Polio; it will solely be prevented against. In the UK, the DTP vaccination is a component of the childhood immunization schedule – this injection prevents against tetanus, contagion and acute anterior poliomyelitis. Travellers to areas in danger is also counseled one course injection of Revaxis.

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