Meningitis (Meningococcal infectious disease) could be a serious, doubtless fatal microorganism infection that causes swelling of the liner of the brain and medulla spinalis and blood disorder. Permanent incapacity and death may end up, notably if blood disorder happens.

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Meningococcal infectious disease MapMeningitis happens worldwide, however notably within the infectious disease belt of geographic area.

Risk for travellers

Risk for travellers is highest towards the top of the season once the malady spreads chop-chop, leading to giant outbreaks among terribly short periods. infectious disease is unfold through coughing, physiological reaction and shut contact with associate degree infected person.
Between five-hitter and St Martin’s Day of adults and up to twenty fifth of adolescents carry the meningococcal microorganism, inflicting no signs or symptoms of the malady. they will unfold it inadvertently to others, leading to malady for that person.

Signs and symptoms

Symptoms will seem suddenly and embrace severe headache, fever, cold hands and feet, vomiting, muscle and joint pain, stiffness of the neck, sensitivity to bright lightweight, sleepiness, confusion, seizures and loss of consciousness.
Babies, youngsters and adolescents square measure notably in danger. Symptoms is also laborious to spot in babies and young youngsters, World Health Organization could exhibit the subsequent signs: refusing feeds, uncommon crying or groaning, irritability, listlessness, quality, jerky movements or turning into stiff or floppy and really fast respiratory.
Blood poisoning caused by infectious disease will cause a red, purple rash that doesn’t fade once pressure is applied.


Meningitis could be a medical emergency requiring imperative hospital treatment, as blood disorder will develop chop-chop. Treatment includes blood vessel antibiotics. it’s continually preferred to require measures to forestall the malady instead of treat it once the very fact.
Travellers to areas of risk is also counseled one dose of Menveo to immunise against infectious disease ACWY. All travellers World Health Organization square measure unsusceptible against infectious disease ACWY also will receive a certificate. All haj and Umrah pilgrims square measure needed to point out certification of vaccination on arrival in Saudi Arabia.