Hepatitis B may be a virus infection that’s unfold through infected blood or bodily fluids. It will result in severe liver issues and is usually fatal. serum hepatitis is one hundred times additional infectious than HIV.                                                                                              hepatitis-b-countries-at-risk

Countries in danger

Hepatitis B MapHepatitis B happens worldwide. Areas wherever there’s a better risk of exposure to serum hepatitis embody jap Europe, Russia, India, China, South and Central America, Africa, South East Asia and plenty of islands within the Pacific.

Signs and symptoms

The signs and symptoms of serum hepatitis embody gentle fever, flu-like symptoms, hot temperature, gastro-intestinal upset, nausea and projection, diarrhea and abdominal pain, yellow skin and eyes.

Travel precautions

If you’re a tourer or short human, your risk is low. Risk is joined to behavior – any activity inflicting contact with blood or body fluids will place you in danger.
Travellers may be exposed once receiving medical or dental treatment whereas abroad. Infection may be unfold via sexual activity, needle sharing, blood transfusions and injections, moreover as through tattooing, body piercing and stylostixis.


Hepatitis B may be a vaccine-preventable malady. Travellers to areas in danger is also suggested one in every of the subsequent vaccination courses:
course of 3 injections of Energix B to hide against serum hepatitis
course of 3 injections of Twinrix to hide against infectious hepatitis and serum hepatitis
The immunogen may be a course of 3 injections, that area unit given speedily over a 1 month course or over a customary six month course.