Central America may be a extremely popular destination for all travellers and more and more backpackers and families. enclosed by the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Central America covers the world from United Mexican States to Panama. Tropical rainforests stuffed with undiscovered Mayan ruins, the native Chichicastenango market, La Cieba carnival, live volcanoes and therefore the healthy colonial town of island, create Central America the favored destination it’s return to be.
Central America may be a terribly mixed space and you will be in danger to totally different diseases in numerous countries:

  • Typhoid (this immunizing agent is needed each three years).
  • Hepatitis A (2 injections square measure needed for a twenty five year protection, ideally 6-12 months apart however will be up to five years).
  • Tetanus/Diphtheria/Polio (in general each ten years, check if you had one in class between 13-18 referred to as the varsity leavers jab).
  • Rabies (3 doses over a month on days one, seven then between days twenty one and 28).
  • Hepatitis B (3 injections over either three weeks, three months or half-dozen months).

If you’re traveling to Panama and decide to travel east of the Panama Canal, then you must additionally consider:

  • Yellow Fever (required each ten years, certificate is needed for entry to some countries).

Map of Central America