Cellcosmet Cellbust-XT-M 50ml

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Cellcosmet Cellbust-XT-M 50ml


Helps prevent the bust’s skin from slackening.Optimises the quality of cellular renewal.Contours the breasts’ natural shape.Helps preserve the beauty of décolleté and neckline.

Its added value:

An unprecedented high tech polyactive formula: over 75% of active ingredients act synergetically for a spectacular redefining effect.


Fuller and firmer breasts. An enhanced neckline.Smoother skin.

Texture and active ingredients:


Non-greasy, velvety smooth, rapidly absorbed gel-cream.Allows an optimal application without leaving skin feeling greasy.

Active Ingredients:

Active stabilised bio-integral cells.Anti-Ageing and Restructuring Algal Complex: restructuring, anti-collagenase, anti-elastase, toning.Kigeline extract: anti-slackening, contouring, improves the skin's elasticity.Specific Firming Complex: restructuring, anti-slackeningSpecific Oil Complex - Daisy and Muscat Rose Oils.: anti-free radicals, nourishing, healing, anti-stretch marks.

Application method:

Maintenance treatment: 1 daily application throughout the year.To be used after shower or bath.


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